Esdir is located in a building with more than 7,000 square meters distributed in four floors. It is equipped with the latest advances in technology for school use. It also has the following facilities:

• Assembly hall with all the necessary equipment for different types of events.
• Two exhibition rooms: 500 square meters and 80 each.
• Recently renovated library with more than 14,000 works.
• Cafeteria
• Engraving workshop
• Photography workshop and laboratory
• Ceramics workshop
• Gypsum reproductions collection in the corridors

Assembly Hall

Esdir’s assembly hall is an auditorium fitted for the development of any kind of lecture, debate or work presentation. It is equipped for 144 seated people. Renovated in the mid90s, it is a singular space due to the beauty of its cubic volume, dark walls and the drawings in its perimeter.

Exhibition rooms

The college counts on two exhibition rooms:
– The Big room with 500 square meters of surface and 100 meters of wall. Suitable for thematic or group exhibitions.
– The small room with 80 square meters of surface and about 30 meters of wall. Good for exhibition of small works.
During the academic year several exhibitions take place, some are traditional yearly events such as the Muestra de Arte Joven or the exhibition of our student’s final projects.

Más información

Acceso a las Salas de Exposiciones de la Esdir

Acceso a las Salas de Exposiciones de la Esdir



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