Incoming Students

Application and Admission as Incoming Eramus Student at Esdir, La Rioja. 2019-20

Once you have been selected to participate in the Erasmus programme by your home institution, you should send the application form to Esdir together with your CV, portfolio of works and transcript of records.
The applications for the first semester or the whole year should arrive at Esdir before May 31st 2019. If your chosen period of stay is the second semester, the deadline would be November 15th 2019.
The documents in digital format  (recommended) should be sent to:

If the application, CV, transcript of records and portfolio are in written format, you can send them to:

Nuria Alfaro Martínez
Escuela Superior de Diseño
Avenida de la Paz 9
26004, Logroño, La Rioja

Within a couple of weeks you would receive the confirmation of your acceptance/refusal as a student at the Esdir. In case you are accepted, you should send to Esdir the provisional learning agreement with the choice of subjects before the academic year starts.

Please bear in mind that the number of applications we receive each year is increasing and the selection gets harder and harder. Therefore we recommend you to pay attention to all the documents and send the best portfolio you can so that the acceptance committee can get the best idea of the type of student you are.

You can check our study plan in