Master Studies

Design Masters Studies complete the academic offer at Esdir. They are taught in one academic year and they integrate artistic, scientific and technological contents applied to design and production.
Master Studies in Footwear Design and Innovation

Master in Packaging design for the food and wine industry.

The master in Packaging design for the food and wine industry has as main aim to endow students with all the knowledge and resources that are necessary to successfully comply with the production of packaging design, that is to say, build and develop new packaging elements which are efficient from different points of view: structure, usability, form and communication.
Creativity is boosted and issues like communication or production are developed. Branding, packing history, typography or marketing accompany design processes and projects that are developed throughout the year by means of theoretical-practical lessons and workshops. Besides, participation in international research nets is promoted.
Graduates will be professionals able to develop products that are positioned in a main place in the international market through innovation and creativity.

Pdf information leaflet about Master in Packaging design for the food and wine industry (spanish)

Grado en Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores de Diseño
Máster en Diseño e Innovación de Calzado

Master in Footwear Design and Innovation.

Its main aim is to train professionals specialized in the footwear field, delving into different aspects of the production and development process and strengthening the study of formal, technological, functional and ergonomic aspects about footwear. These studies prepare future footwear designers by means of practical and theoretical lectures, internships, laboratory work, workshops and seminars, being in contact with professionals of the footwear field.

Pdf information leaflet about Master in Footwear Design and Innovation (spanish)