Workshop and Project Week

Our third Workshop Week took place from 14th to 18th November 2022, being a great learning experience and a boost of energy for our participating teachers and students.

It was a pleasure to host Julien Michel, Anne-Sophie Jolivet and Amandine Sauvageon (ImmaConcept Bordeaux, France), Jeremy Edwards (ENSA Dijon, France), Adam Kamiński, Katarzyna Zawistowska, Anna W. Lipska and Agata R. Dzianach (ASP Gdansk, Poland), Marta Pinheiro and Luciana Barbosa (ESAD Matosinhos, Portugal), Marco Covi (Accademia Tiepolo, Italy), Michal Szulc (ASP Lodz, Poland), Aydin Zor (Akdeniz University, Turkey) and Aki Choklat (CCS Detroit, USA). We are really grateful for their presence at ESDIR and their generosity in sharing their time and knowledge.

Mixing students from different backgrounds is a challenge from which we all have obtained a great learning experience. We have had the chance to have different communication experiences, getting to know different fields of design and seeing diverse teaching methodologies.

See you in Workshop Week 4!


After Workshop Week 2